GDPR made simple - everything you need to know about GDPR

GDPR made simple

An introduction to how GDPR will affect your business, and what procedures and processes you need to have in place by 25th May 2018

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Getting started with all of the rules and regulations around GDPR can seem overwhelming and simply 'not worth the effort'.

In this course, Keith takes a pragmatic approach to the implementation of GDPR within your company/organisation.


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The path to becoming an expert takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best and putting your company ahead of the curve on GDPR compliance.  Know your legally compliant but also use that to business advantage. What are you waiting for?


Module 1: Introduction


  • GDPR Module 1 Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Why GDPR and GDPR Principles FREE PREVIEW
  • GDPR notes for all sole traders, directors and employees FREE PREVIEW

Module 2: How does it affect my business?


  • GDPR Module 2 Introduction
  • How does GDPR affect your business FREE PREVIEW
  • GDPR Data Security, Password and Encryption Policy
  • Model privacy policy
  • Model employee privacy policy

Module 3: Key questions you need to ask?


  • GDPR Module 3 Introduction
  • Key questions you need to ask
  • Your 12 point GDPR preparation checklist FREE PREVIEW
  • Data Retention Policy

Module 4: Consent and Legitimate Interests


  • GDPR Module 4 Introduction
  • Consent and Legitimate Interests

Module 5: Dealing with data requests


  • GDPR Module 5 Introduction
  • Dealing with data requests
  • Data Subject Access Request Form
  • Data Subject Access Request Policy

Module 6: The right to be forgotten


  • GDPR Module 6 introduction
  • The right to be forgotten
  • Data Retention Policy

Module 7: Dealing with data breaches


  • GDPR Module 7 Introduction
  • Dealing with Data Breaches
  • Data Breach Checklist
  • Sample Data Breach Policy
  • Data Breach Register

Module 8: Fees, fines and penalties


  • GDPR Module 8 Introduction
  • Fees, Fines and Penalties
  • Calculate your registration fee (if you are not a local authority or a registered charity)
  • Government body, local authority, registered charity or small occupational pension scheme registration fee

About Your Instructor

Keith Budden

Keith Budden


Keith has worked in data security and document management since 1997. Working for a wide range of clients, from British Airways, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Defence, together with a whole host of small and medium sized companies, Keith has built unparalleled experience in dealing with data security challenges, in a pragmatic way.

Keith has been involved in the development of the General Data Protection Regulation with both the UK Information Commissioner's Office and the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Keith is the producer of the UK's number one GDPR podcast - the GDPR Weekly Show.

Keith has a very 'human' approach to training, his courses are always informative and easy to follow.


Handling Data Requests

Dealing with Data Breaches

Understanding Staff Roles

The Best Ways to Start

Knowing what Questions to Ask

Calculating Fees Payable


Well laid out, easy to sign up and the modules are clear and easy to follow
Lee Ali CEO @ Expostars
Your course is very insightful and the information is great. The supporting documents are excellent and your delivery of the course is engaging.
Dawn Small Psychologist
At last my company's got GDPR sussed and, more importantly, we now have a clear roadmap of what we need to do to become compliant. All from the comfort of my own office and all for less than the price of a return train ticket to London!
Chris Waite CEO - Smarter SME


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